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Syrian Hegemony part 2 the revenge!

In the past 48 hours (not the TV series), we have witnessed through different media channels the seizure of a relatively important (and that is me being stingy) stash of weapons belonging to (surprise, surprise!) “Al Hizb Al Kawmi Al Souri:.Mr. Kanso (in his accustomed arrogance and defiance) was very quick to jump and say that those weapons were legitimately buried (in the North of Lebanon) awaiting to be used against our arch enemy (for those of you who are still in the darkness; ISRAEL), all the way from the north (the proximity and the logistics with Syria has absolutely nothing to do with it of course).That was yesterday’s speech.Today our very dear Hezballah (the divine power for all Lebanese) not only agreed and reiterated such a statement, but also warned against using such “findings” by the government to suit “their own” political purposes.Well EXCUSE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1The weapons that were confiscated, by nature do not point towards plans to blow up Haifa, Tel Aviv, or any other Israeli town.If ever I should agree (and I don’t) with Mr. Kanso in his saying that this was an old arsenal of weapons that they did not surrender (although they should have, like MOST of the other militias) during the armistice; the nature of most of it can only be used for internal purposes (mainly discriminate attacks such as car bombs and weapons used for political killings).Yet Hassan (in his OWN divine wisdom) and his party speak out loud in their support of Mr. Kanso and his “Hezb” (to those of you who forgot Mr. Kanso’s Hezb is called: AL HIZB AL KAWMI AL SOURI”, not Al Hizb Al Kawmi Al LOUBNANI).Wake up you narguilleh smoking orange, yellow and green sheep demonstrating in downtown Beirut. Syria is trying to come back meaner and more cruel than it ever was. Their slogan is:”SYRIAN HEGEMONY PART 2, THE REVENGE”.


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