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New set of BALLS !!!!!

The half witted accountant surprised me tonight with his“franc parler”. I wonder what it is that woke him up from his deep slumber and moreover what will be the repercussion of his speech. Although Saniora referred to Syria as the sister state; he did put the blame on the Syrian regime for the current vacuum, the sponsoring of armed Palestinian factions outside the confinement of refugee camps,…etc. Saniora echoed the voice of many Lebanese (and I am one of them).
How will Bashar react to his less then submissive speech, I fear the worst.
Yes I was pleasantly surprised by the speech of Mr. Saniora, I will by Sunday restrict my wonderings to the strict minimum and would suggest all people residing in Lebanon to do the same.
Stay safe.


March 28, 2008 Posted by | Lebanon, Palestinians, Saniora, Syria | 10 Comments