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A friend I hold dear came back to her homeland in 2004, after having spent most of her adult life confined within the walls of “compounds”, in a one of the most restrictive countries. Filled with promises of a better life and a long earned freedom; she found herself facing a crude reality of what Lebanon truly is.
Her mother country fell short, not only with regards to her expectations and memories; but for the bleak future it had to offer to her offspring.
A citizen, a mother, a believer in self fulfillment; she sought the light at the end of the tunnel, making excuses and trying to adapt.
The task was too hard and heavy, and her road too winding and dark.
So she bit her lip and made do with the new cards that were dealt to her. “Elle a retroussé ses manches” and made do with what was on board.
Her only wish was not to regret the day where she traded the safety of her golden jail against an uncertain future for her children.
The above could not begin to describe what most of the Lebanese ex-pat feel when encountered with the harsh reality of Lebanese living. In order to make myself a tiny bit clearer, below are a few painting this friend made.






For more of her work click here


June 5, 2008 - Posted by | Art, Lebanon, Life, Paintings

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  1. Sad man…just plain sad!

    Comment by Anonymous | June 11, 2008

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