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The Pub


The Restaurant


The address


Enjoy !


June 6, 2008 - Posted by | Beirut, Latin, Lebanon, Music, Night Life


  1. Best place ever 🙂

    I advise all the readers to go there, to spend smooth moments, taste special food, and mostly, enjoy the greatest choice of music (you can’t find it elswhere).

    Am i doing an add or what :-p

    Wishing you a nice weekend.

    P.S. I’m adding your link on my blogroll “Mes coups de coeurs”

    Comment by Marie-Josée | June 7, 2008

  2. Marie,

    In the hope to meet again with you and Frenchy, and exchange views and opinions.

    Comment by Marillionlb | June 7, 2008

  3. I’ve been to both the pub and the restaurant. We _loved_ the bar: great layout, captivating decor, fantastic salsa music and even a few brave salseros out on the floor.

    The restaurant, on the other hand, was a total disappointment. Slimy salmon and beef that managed to be both tough AND fatty. Our impression was that the Argentines were selling their remainders to Lebanon – it wasn’t like any Argentine (or even American) beef I’d ever seen.

    But I’ve heard good things from other restaurant-goers, so perhaps we just went on an off night! And anything that brings some Latin diversity to Beirut is a good thing in my (and H’s!) eyes 🙂

    Comment by adiamondinsunlight | June 9, 2008

  4. Sorry to hear that your experience at the restaurant was not stisfactory. I can guarantee you that all ingredients are imported regularly from the Argentine. I have heard nothing but praise for Jose (Argentinian chef). Having said this I can understand that you might have had the tough piece of meet which escaped the eye of Jose, but to have a slimy salmon as well I do apologize.
    I will take the matter up, and make sure that it will not happen again.
    Thank you for your feedback.

    Comment by Marillionlb | June 9, 2008

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