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Kryptonite !

On Thursday you were laid to rest.
I still cannot find the words to express my sorrow and anger. Upon Alan’s arrival we went through the laptop you left to your dad and started reading some of the articles you wrote, and sifted through the music you had left on the hard drive. On the way back home I had a small accident which delayed (but did not stop) my getting behind my PC and listening to “Jive Bunny” followed by “patience”. For a while I was at peace until I saw the sadness in Tarek’s eyes. This same sadness I witnessed in everyone I saw this past week, but it did not alleviate my pain. Family members, and your friends were present daily shedding rivers of tears, but my eyes never cried in public once. I still can picture you smiling and mumbling (after a few Vodka’s) words with your soft toned voice and me saying “come again?” . Tarek was anxiously waiting the 23rd to have the celebratory beer in honor of your 28th birthday and wake you up bright and early the next morning so he could kick your ass at Fifa 2008.
While going through pictures and memories, I came across your superman painted chest (Tarek has it know on his MSN account). Today your friend Hussein was telling the story behind it, along with other tales of your life in Dubai and Beirut. You are a Superman, and just like him I await to hear more of your adventures.
I guess you know now that your passing has somehow mended the rift you always tried to fill. There is still work to be done, granted; but leaps were achieved.
Alec, you are this cursed family’s guardian angel. In your passing you did what Jeddo Selim did in his living. I just hope that we ALL will live up to your memory.



July 12, 2008 - Posted by | Alec Hage

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