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Why we should all vote against Michel Aoun

As a disgruntled ex “Aounist” and a “true Lebanese”, I can’t help but feel not only disappointment but hatred towards what I consider (especially after his latest “propos”) as the biggest traitor Lebanon ever witnessed. Whatever happened to “The World Movement for the Liberation of Lebanon “and your slogan of “Independence, Sovereignty and Freedom”? I guess “Beit Al sha3b” who drew thousands risking their lives, you have now rented (cheap) to those who ousted you wearing only pajamas.

Came a time when you had the support of many from all creeds and religions (Druze, Sunnies, Shia, Christians, rich and poor) provided you with a human shield against those whom once you considered as being the foes of what Lebanon stood for. Even the Lebanese Diaspora voluntarily mobilized itself and became a patron to your cause; the cause (of what they thought was) the way towards a free and truly independent Lebanon.


Said Akl (that half crazy has been local poet) recited poetry praising your accomplishments (although at the time they were none), people danced on the road to Baabda, restaurants delivered free food to all those who protected (risking their own lives) you by staging a sit in anxiously waiting for you to grace them with a few (unfounded) promises.
And (along with many others) me in my country of exile, I demonstrated in front of embassies in harsh weather conditions, convinced that this was my patriotic duty. We collected money when you could no longer afford to pay the wages to those Lebanese army soldiers (who whole heartedly) believed that they could finally protect their fellow citizens from the Syrian sword that had caused so many martyrs, and transferred them to your bank account. Many of those very same soldiers who believed in you and your cause were slaughtered, and those who survived were stripped naked and made to walk and spit on posters depicting your “moronic” profile in your military suit by the hands of those you now swear allegiance to, and I quote my dear “traitor”: “The Syrians and the Iranians helped Lebanon, and I do not care if these words anger anyone”.
Well these words anger me and the families of those soldiers who died when you decided to flee to the French embassy. These words anger every single Lebanese (and there still aren’t enough of them) whom for one second believed that you could have been the protector and liberator of this holly land. You pissed on all that was sacred to this once great nation of ours.

Now you claim to be the epitome of the true “wifak watani” with your alliance with those outlaws that don’t even recognize the rule of law; which not long ago was part of the war you fought against fellow citizens (LF to be precise).
I won’t spend any more time detailing your failures and showing your true face (of the traitor and demented general that you are) for I know that many share my views, and the few followers you have are moved by the (false) need to have a so called Christian representation to follow, lacking another alternative (that of the LF).
Dear General, you have recently given us enough material enabling us to write volumes on the subject of traitor, deceit, megalomania, dictatorship…etc. You remind me of one of my favorite “bande dessinee” character, that of IZNOGOOD : “je veux etre califee a la place du calife”.
Well to you my dear general I say : “not in your wildest dreams”, just like Iznogood we will all laugh at all your failed attempts; the only difference be it that in comic books no one gets hurts. I guess that you never understood the difference!
A disgruntled ex Aounist.


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  1. comme mon frère dit :

    “bien sûr, je suis toujours aouniste, mais c’est lui qui ne l’est PLUS !!!”

    ce que je trouve dommage c’est qu’avant il représentait des libanais, aujourd’hui il ne représente que certains chrétiens

    il va falloir voter!!! surtout ne pas bouder!!!

    Comment by mc | February 11, 2009

  2. @MC, corection “il ne represente que certains CRETINS”. Quels bande de cons !

    Comment by marillionlb | February 11, 2009

  3. A propos de la vidéo …

    La personne qui a agressé le patriarche n’est pas aouniste …
    c’est un partisan FL vivant à Zouk Mosbeh.
    C’est un truc connu aujourd’hui.
    La question de la remise aujourd’hui de cette vidéo démontre un aspect assez intéressant de la propagande électorale.

    Mais le jeu est beaucoup plus différent que ce qu’on croit.

    Comment by frenchy | February 11, 2009

  4. @Frenchy,
    The attack on the Sfeir then was as you say done by LF, at that time LF and Aoun were one hand and what started as a demonstartion encompassed both LF and Aounist. I put this video up not only as a reminder of this incident but I deemed it appropriate to show those idiots who still follow that demented general that his disrespect (since he has renewed his attacks lately) for Sfeir is deep rooted and old. Once again I would like to also stress that I do not hold deep respect to “Batrack” nor the LF. But I do hold hatred toward the General.

    Comment by marillionlb | February 12, 2009

  5. Hello Marrilionlb.
    I know that but still the thinkg is how that source (media arabe) is getting back this video and is not for exemple showing the one of the LF killing in the back lebanese armies officers in Aamchit in front of their families (this video exists) as far as for exemple, both Sfeir and Geagea and Joumblatt, beginning of this week were having harmfull words against the army.
    As far I am concerned as well, I don’t see why should we respect Nasrallah Sfeir when he is getting into the dirty political game when we are taking the opportunity to critizise the other nasrallah (hassan). That is in my opinion a low game the LF and some christian parties of the 14 of march are doing.
    If we want to put aside religion, both Sfeir and Hassan must be disrespected as far as they are entering in the polical equations 🙂

    Geagea is really also a crazy guy. It s not only the LBCI he is targeting. Some in brasil already died by the way since he got back out of prison, shot… so a killer is always a killer. He is just fooling everyone. Moreover, the game is different today. we are not inside a political game against syria or iran or israel. We must be inside a political equation that gathers the lebanese population against the islamic fundamentalism (the one we saw in nahr bared, in ein helwe, the 5 of feb) In that game, everyone can be targeted. It includes the christians, the shia, the israelies, the syrian regime, the moderated sunnits. We are assisting to a surge of the sunnit fondamentalism and we might pay a heavy price of it. No wonder why Sleiman, our president described the threats against lebanon.

    see you this afternoon and tomorrow 🙂

    Comment by frenchy | February 12, 2009

  6. Nasrallah’s (the maronite)meddling in politics is less dangerous than those of Nasrallah (the Shia). Enough bull I would take Sfeir over Hassan anytime. As for the attack on the Lebanese army, why is it deemed so? Isn’t it normal and allowed in any democracy to criticize any institution when it fails in its job? Why is it that all of the sudden every Lebanese “loves” the army? where was such an army (not long agao) when citizens where being killed.
    Enough rethoric and Bull Shit. Given his relatively short run (in comparason to Geagea) Aoun was much more destructive (and still is) than Geagea,Jumblatt,Berri,Jibril…etc put together. And this is not only my opinion, but that of many.

    Comment by marillionlb | February 12, 2009

  7. good afternoon Marillionlb … :mrgreen:

    Sinon, de toute façon, le Liban mérite largement mieux qu’un taré qui, en pleine campagne électorale déclare vouloir couper certaines langues.

    Je crois que le Liban a besoin de tout sauf de leader qui ont des océans de sang sur les mains.

    Tout les aoun gegea magea trulala biduallah et autres machins choses que je retiens jamais les noms, se sont des déchets pour moi.

    J’ai pas besoin de tout savoir du passé, j’ai juste besoin de savoir qu’ils en ont fait partis du passé, donc qu’ils sont responsable du présent.

    A partir du moment ou l’on a un passé aussi sanglant que celui du Liban on ne peut pas construire un futur avec ceux qui ont perdu une partie de leur humanité.

    Quand les libanais comprendront que les politiques en place actuellement ne peuvent RIEN leur apporter on aura fait un gros pas en avant.

    No futur if you live in the past. Especially the lebanese one.

    PS : I’m NOT saying to forget the past, it’s quite the contrary, never forget it, and all who have been a part of it, banish them from the politic stage, and put true, real, fresh new persons.

    PS2 : Yes I know, i’m a dreamer.

    Comment by Ekios | February 12, 2009

  8. nasrallah le maronite peut toujours parler, personne ne l’écoute et il n’a pas une milice et des armes financées par le Vatican…

    si LE problème est le fondamentalisme sunnite, alors un jour Israel, la Syrie et Nasrallah le chiite vont combattre côte à côte ce fléau?!

    Ils se moquent de nous, TOUS, qu’ils rangent leurs armes leur démagogie, et leur langue… on veut vivre en paix avec TOUT le monde !!!

    Comment by mc | February 12, 2009

  9. @MC, eh wallah !


    Comment by marillionlb | February 12, 2009

  10. @MC : demander au hezzb qu’il range les armes c’est la même chose que de demander à un homme souffrant de priapisme de se “ramollir”.

    Si tu veux chez l’un comme l’autre “pacifier la bête” il te faudra couper dedans.

    Outre la comparaison franchement débile que je viens de donner (mais qui reste valable au sens concret) le Hezzbollah tu commets l’erreur -je crois- de le traiter comme une entité politique.

    -Selon moi- ils ne sont PAS une entité politique, mais uniquement et simplement une entité paramilitaire.

    Se sont des soldats, des mercenaires à la solde de l’Iran. S’ils rendent les armes se sera quand la mission sera accomplie.

    Et comme la mission en elle même ne pourra jamais être accomplie compte tenue de ce qu’elle impose (disparition d’Israel) alors ils ne rendront jamais les armes.

    Same for Hamas by the way.

    Comment by Ekios | February 12, 2009

  11. @Marillionlb : euh … what ?

    Comment by Ekios | February 12, 2009

  12. @Ekios,
    With reference to you being a dreamer !

    Comment by marillionlb | February 12, 2009

  13. yeah well, how is your afternoon finally ? :mrgreen:

    *se moque*

    Comment by Ekios | February 12, 2009

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