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In the hope that you MIGHT comprehend (somehow I know you will).

Not that I am putting you to the test knowing that you are a very reserved person; but I actually allowed myself tonight to step over your wishes of privacy. Having being used (and many times abused) I will once again, in my meandering way speak my mind. Not in so many word maybe, but in the only way I know how. MY WAY.

This, you might not understand for I was 12 years of age, and it was way before our time together. But still it is part of whom I am, not just a fond memory of what was a stolen childhood.

This was an era of innocence filled with much love.
Shit happens and I had to grow up fast.
Much to my dismay I did (at times) chose the wrong path.
34 years later and I am what I am today: A thorn in the side of many, a forgotten son, the hippie, A FALLEN JESTER ( which you painted). And still I say

To no avail, MAYBE; but this did stop me from trying.
As I was about to give up, you came along, a new lease on life, a new purpose. And so it started

And this is how our journey began, even before you came back home. I guess this wasn’t enough for the both of us. So we moved on. For the better I hope.

Still on the sidelines, mainly because my mind has been severely fried on more than one occasion, and I am what I am.
I will end this heartfelt CONFESSION in true “Freddy” style that I know I can understand and hope you will !


August 9, 2009 - Posted by | Billy Joel, James Taylor, Juliette Grecco, World Party, Zoon |

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    Comment by Ekios | August 9, 2009

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