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When idiots are in charge of my country !

After the MURDER of George Abou Madi yesterday in Ain El Roumaneh most of our dear politicians rushed to give their opinion as to what took place much more than to actually condemn such barbaric acts of violence. In one instance a spokesman for our “opposition” went as far as to say that the boys that were attacked were gambling and drunk which according to him made them “Za3ran” and hence deserve what they got (the latter is how I perceived his words of wisdom).

Most shocking is Minister Najjar and how within seconds found the best way to avoid such criminal acts from ever happening again. Guess what he is suggesting that enlightened moron :

The banning of scooters !

Ya Najjar, I suggest that for once you actually apprehend the culprits and hang them in a public place by their testicles. I don’t know maybe that will give those who were planning more trouble something to think about.

N.B: Where is Joseph Sader ?

TFEH !!!!!!


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  1. What a wonderful and civilized country . . . funny part is that maybe, if they really were hanged by their testicles in public it could refrain the others to do the same 😉

    I would fit in Lebanon these days 😉

    Comment by Ekios | October 8, 2009

  2. this was the main reason why i left lebanon!!! i love that small country ,but i hate the show off, narrow mind stupid ,barbaric people inside …

    La ayree iza ma bet2atloo ba3edkon ..

    but RIP gearoges abou madi at the end ur my lebo bro

    Comment by James | October 8, 2009

  3. Believe it or not ya Ekios we still have the death penalty, I think it should be first applied to our political class who is the main reason behind so many deaths. As to those who perpetrated the last serie of violence I don’t see swift justice; remember the Hizbollah idiot who shot the army’s helicopter was set free.

    @ James, welcome on this page.

    Comment by marillionlb | October 9, 2009

  4. For the son of a whore who shot the pilot, it’s probably Divine justice …

    Anyway, the biggest problem with your politicians is that they have ALL blood on their hands. In a manner or an other, they are the reason of at least one or two blood bath …

    But hey, we, in France, have an averate pedophile at the cultur ministery … he even writed a book about his perversion …

    But noproblemo with Sarko …

    Comment by Ekios | October 9, 2009

  5. Well, what do we expect when a rogue militia is stronger than the state itself? Just your typical banana republic!

    Comment by VOR | October 15, 2009

  6. Hey VOR ? You talk about a banana republic ? I thought we were talking about Lebanon here, not France …

    -> CF our president’s son who’s going to be placed at a really powerful seat just because of his father.

    The little moron he’s only at his second year of law school (and restarted already 4 times his school years because he sucks in mathematiques and economie wich is exactly what he will have to do soon for a living …)

    Douce Franceuh … le pays perdu de mon enfanceuh … avec un nain en gouvernanceuh …

    Comment by Ekios | October 15, 2009

  7. Bishop Haddad to Al-Jadeed TV: Hizbullah is honest in helping to free Sader but it has to be more active.

    Comment by mc | October 19, 2009

  8. Screw bishop Haddad, why doesn’t he say that the Israelis took him. Just because the “actual jailor” contacted some bishop just to inform him that Joseph was still alive (and nothing more), does not mean that the Hizb is innocent of all charges.

    Comment by marillionlb | October 20, 2009

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