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St Valentine, or M14’s fallacy ?

Not only have we invented the “ourjouwan” color or the alphabet; but we Lebanese are pioneers in many fields. No wonder we are proud people (and so rightly so), Lebanon was mentioned 71 times in the Bible; and if Belinda Carlisle knew Lebanon, her song “heaven is a place on earth” would not have been written as a love song, but as a tribute to our country.
We (Lebanese) are direct descendants of God (ou meme la cuisse de Jupiter, depending on your religious beliefs). Lebanon is the true Garden of Eden, where it all began, and where it will all end. The notion some have that the Jews are the chosen people is nothing but a fallacy, a few millimeters on a geographical map, shy from the truth. We are the chosen ones!
Today we Lebanese have once again demonstrated to the entire world (and maybe the universe) that we are true pioneers; pioneers in having taken the art of absurdity, no worthiness, sold out bunch of ingrate selfish bastards, mindless “sheeple”, brainwashed pretentious narguilleh smoking selfish lazy wannabees arses.
The sight of goatee Saudi Saad waving his hand in salute as if he was the queen of England (and a queen he might as well be) grabbing Walid beik by the waist (obviously against his will) made sick to my stomach. The songs playing in the background and the festive mood on what should have been a grim reminder of our bloody (recent past) made my blood boil.
And they (M14) have the audacity to talk about their achievements in the past 5 years. The Cedar Revolution is dead! It officially died after the June elections when promises were broken one after the other. The Cedar Revolution was never the sole proprietorship of any political party, it was a movement from the people and TO the people, entrusted then (wrongly) to the current leadership. Today another nail (if not the final one) was put on its coffin.
Today, I and the entire world, witnessed the shrinking of your (M14) power base; and in a couple of days from now the entire world will witness the ever constant (if not growing) power of Hizbullah (the commemoration of their martyrs). And yet THE supreme leader of M14 (goatee Saad) deemed it fit to announce to the world (not very long ago) that the government will stand by Hizbollah in case of a new “aggression” (even if provoked) against Israel.
If only I was allowed to (safely) attend the Hizbullah commemoration, for I have more respect towards those who even if they have an agenda that I totally refute, are true to their promises and their following.
Sad to say, I hold MUCH more respect to those I am willing to dedicate my life to fight against their vision, than to the lot of you (M14).
Come next elections, not only I will not vote for you; I will vote against you.
Long live Imad Moughnieh and may God protect Samir Kuntar !


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  1. tawwil belak ya marillion

    Comment by mc | February 15, 2010

  2. I ran out patience with those scum!

    Comment by Marillionlb | February 15, 2010

  3. Se taire ou se faire tuer ….

    C’est un triste anniversaire qui aura lieu le 14 février au Liban. On commémorera l’assassinat de l’ancien Premier ministre Rafic Hariri, de l’ancien ministre Bassel Fleihane et de leurs compagnons qui ont tous péri dans une énorme déflagration déclenchée lors du passage de leur cortège officiel il y a cinq ans, le 14 février 2005, à Beyrouth. Les nécessités de la vie politique exigent-elles vraiment de tourner la page ? Est-ce le prix à payer pour assurer la stabilité et la paix civile ? Si ce sont là les conclusions que Libanais et Arabes doivent tirer de l’événement, ce serait vraiment une leçon de sciences politiques labellisée arabe. Une leçon de désespoir. Dans quel triste monde nous vivons, où les assassinats et les trahisons sont monnaie courante et payante !

    Comment by zoon | February 15, 2010

  4. tu vois, j’ai chuté un papier sur la même idée (Come next elections, not only I will not vote for you; I will vote against you.).
    Le 14 Mars va avoir très très mal aux municipales de mai prochain, c’est écrit d’avance. et les leaders auront tout fait pour.
    ce qui me fait le plus mal au cœur dans cette histoire, c’est de voir à quel point le peuple s’est laissé déposséder de son printemps 2005.

    Comment by david | February 16, 2010

  5. @ David,Si municipale il va y avoir. We only have ourselves to blame for what is currently happening. Why wasn’t there more people brandishing signs saying “where is my vote”? the blame falls on me a swell for having just like the majority of the Lebanese stayed at home instead or roganizing our own rally to show those theives that we are sick and tired of ALL of them.
    Maybe next time !

    Comment by marillionlb | February 16, 2010

  6. on devrait proposer les choix suivants et voir où se situe la majorité:

    -14 mars
    -8 mars

    un autre suffrage:

    -une armée
    -deux armées

    et encore:

    -le Liban reste le seul pays à tenir tête à Israel
    -le Liban ne veut plus être le seul pays à tenir tête à Israel

    Comment by mc | February 16, 2010

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