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And if you (like me) don’t like Maggie Farah!

In the hay days of Tele Liban , and in the midst of our troubled times; arose a young star. A woman passionate about this Biblical land of milk and honey we call Lebanon. Unlike others in the media field, she never compromised her morals, ideas and never sold out. Her deep rooted love to what Lebanon was and should be, forced her to seek refuge in a more free and hospitable land (platform). She deemed it fit to pursue the “massira” from a faraway land, and succeeded in portraying the true image of Lebanese journalism free of censorship and political pressures. Je n’ai pas besoin de faire ses éloges, sa carrière parle pour elle. She could have gone “commercial” and wrote astrology books, or even more, repeatedly reminded her audience that she was persecuted for her views. No, this is a woman, a journalist that decided that her cause (that of Lebanon, all 10452 km2) was better served amongst those who actually hold the key to make a difference. And by those I mean the Lebanese Diaspora spread over the globe; via her regular programs in Radio Monte Carlo. If you want to know what the future holds for you, go by Maggie’s book (the self proclaimed journalist), but if you are willing to get a glimpse of journalism integrity; check out Gaby’s latest publication.


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