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Proud to be Lebanese???

اذا بتحب لبنان ؛ حبّ صناعتو!

What is there to love inصناعتو lately I ask?
Should I be proud of the proposed internet law; that is a blatant infringement on human rights?
Should I be proud of the fact that I pay more money than any third world country for telecommunication services (and not even getting a decent service in comparison)?
Should I be proud when President Suleiman, not only commented on the “defamation” issue on facebook, but gave it his approval?
Should I be proud, when in the words of our esteemed minister of tourism, who tonight went on OTV and argued his plans for making Lebanon the tourist hub; omitted the fact that he has done his best to close down Gemmayze?
Should I be proud of the fact that, on any given occasion like the world cup, Lebanese fire their weapons in the air causing death and go unpunished?
Should I be proud when I see Iran giving up on their freedom flotilla to Gaza, and we try to go ahead with ours?
Should I be proud that we are now finally talking about Palestinian’s civil rights, knowing damn well that Lebanese from different sects are not for it?
Should I be proud that Lebanon is the safe harbor for all sorts of Arab terrorists (mainly within the Palestinian camps) and are being used for sectarian purposes?
Should I be proud that the Cedar revolution fell short of ALL its promises, and we the people still follow blindly?
Or should I be proud of the fact that Hizbollah has hijacked MY country and still we don’t revolt?

Yes I am a proud Lebanese, regardless. I am proud of the Lebanon I once knew (with all its shortcomings and God only knows how great they were). Today I am not proud of his صناعتو , for it has led me to the Doha agreement and the total control of one group which does not have one iota of Lebanese patriotism. As a Lebanese, I feel that NO one represents me and that the worst is yet to come. The Cedar revolution has failed its followers; and those followers have failed Lebanon. Wake up and smell the cyanide my fellow Lebanese; for no one is going to grant you your rights for free. If ever you want to reclaim this land of milk and honey, you have to act; call a spade a spade and be willing to bear the consequences. No one can, or should be able to silence your voices and your quest for freedom. ASSUME, for you have a duty, if not towards yourselves, then towards your children and this future generation.



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