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Apology !

Those (few) who know me will tell you that I am not a devout practicing Christian. And those (even fewer) who read me, will remember how many times (sorry Zoon) I was critical of Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir.
Today, Bkerke witnessed a ceremony, a “solemn” farewell to a man on who inherited the heavy responsibility of safekeeping the sheer survival of a (religious) community fragmented by (then) 11 years of war. His foes were many and varied, from foreign to local, and even from within his own flock. But the man stood his grounds. From “Kornet Shehwan” passing through “harb al ilgha and harb al tah7rir, to “the Cedar Revolution” and the 7th of May; I was still critical. A man of the “clothe”, I always believed should never dwell (and soil) his hands in politics.
Yes I held him responsible for not letting the people march onto Baabda and dethrone the “Lebanese Olympic swimming” despot we had for president then, and I also blamed him for succumbing to the pressures of having to come up with a list of hopeful presidential candidates when I thought (and I still think) that he should have remained silent; but now I less question his motives (not to say his wisdom and admit that I totally misread him). Today Moutran Abi Joudeh’s apology to the patriarch I related to.
This might be the time of “revolutions”, “freedom” and “power to the people” (although I doubt it). For me this is a time to extend my apology to a Lebanese figure (and not to a religious man) who sought to protect me as a LEBANESE against change from oppression to utter chaos. When today a church was burned down to the ground in Egypt; I can only wonder about some of the slogans that were shouted in “Tahrir Square” which it reminded me of Gibran’s Tweini’s famous “naksimouh bil allah al 3azim…”. Who’s going to protect, not me, but my son now?
Gebran Bassil got his knickers in a twist today and did not attend the celebration in Bkerke, for he did not have a front row seat (being THE representative for Michel Aoun). My answer is to him is the following video clip, and to the Marada movement whom representative decided to leave in the middle of the ceremony I can only say:
“Remember when Slimmy said that “the patriarch is having a “bonner” being amongst his female friends, and when his retarded followers shouted out loud “inta batrakna ya Sleiman”?
Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir is a dignified man, and I apologize for some of the words I wrote about him.

N.B: In the enclosed clip, I wonder if the kid being held during the storming of Bkerkeh is not Gebran Bassil. Can someone shed a light?


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    Le Patriarche maronite Nasrallah Boutros:

    “Je demande Pardon à tous ceux qui croient que je les ai fait mal pendant ma tache cléricale de n’importe quelle manière”.

    Comment by zoon | March 6, 2011

  2. It’s rare for me to discover something on the net that’s as entertaining and intriguing as what you’ve got here. Your page is lovely, your graphics are outstanding, and what’s more, you use source that are relevant to what you’re saying.

    Comment by woodworking patterns | March 6, 2011

  3. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon. Thanks!

    Comment by wedding party | March 7, 2011

  4. I hate politics i hate reading politics but i enjoyed reading your post!

    Comment by Joe's box | March 8, 2011

  5. With all respect, Sfeir’s presence or departure made/makes very little difference in my life and the lives of many others. Actually, he kept unnecessarily meddling in political business (as was the tradition with all his predecessors throughout the short history of Lebanon). When will politics and religion become two separate entities in our Lebanon?

    Comment by Posh | March 9, 2011

  6. @ Posh, I agree with you religion and politics should be separate. But I am afraid you misunderstood my post. Lately there has been talk of a secular state and I am all for it, but do not see it happening soon. The starting point should be education. Also do keep in mind that many Lebanese are still passing on to their children the fanaticism passed onto them by their fathers. Such “cleansing” takes time.
    As to Sfeir, this text was prompted by the plight of Christians in the midst of Arab revolutions which made rethink my previous stands with regards to him.

    @Joe, Thank you and I understand why you do not read politics. I follow politics mainly in order to keep a glimmer of hope for a better Lebanon still shinning (many times such reading have the opposite effect).

    Comment by marillionlb | March 9, 2011

  7. i take pleasure in it vindication ! « Lebanese harlequin now im your rss reader

    Comment by Rapid Gigabitz | March 22, 2011

  8. I don’t really understand your change of heart, Jester.
    Les excuses du patriarche sont un “minimum syndical”. C’est tout de même un religieux catholique et tu sais combien la demande de pardon compte dans l’Église catholique contemporaine.

    ps: u have a son?!

    Comment by worriedlebanese | April 25, 2011

  9. @WL, I guess him leaving made me pause for a short while a I became less critical of him.
    Yes I do have a son who is now 14 et en plein dans sa crise d’adolesence.

    Comment by marillionlb | April 26, 2011

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