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Parliamentary zoo. A Lebanese find!

The zoo officially opened its doors two days ago and we the people were graced with a vast array of not so domesticated and friendly animals. I am guessing that many of you (like me) have attempted to follow this pitiful spectacle trying find the least beastly of all the animals on display. Even my dog could not stand such dismal display of animosity. As soon as I switched the channel on the TV to the parliamentary debate he hid under the table and meowed in fear.

Many of those animals have exceeded their normal life expectancy and despite their old age are still showing extreme signs of good health; roaring, braying even crowing like they never did before. Some at times took a nap, while some others were eying there next prey. And the so called king of this farce of a jungle sat on his rock occasionally roaring out loud remind all that after 19 years he still is the elder, the iztez.

Wlek TFEH!

TFEH on me first and on all the “sheeple” (the Lebanese that is) that still sit idle, while a bunch of savage animals decide their faith. Nagging does no longer cut it, our voices will never be heard for they are  falling (and has been for ages) on not only deaf, but selfish ears.

Wake up and rebel, reclaim you rights; regain your once great culture. Become a nation and reclaim the 10452 Km2 that once were the envy of all our neighbors.
Al sha3b yourid iskat heik taba2a siyesiyeh feisdeh !



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    Comment by belindaibrahim | April 20, 2012

  2. In your dreams? Ayya sha3b? Yalleh 3am bi 2argil kel yom mn 3ashiyeh? Yalleh ma byefta7 kteib ta ye2ra? Yalleh 3am bi 3abbeh shfeifo silicone? Yalleh sahran bl nightclubs w bi 7aflet el “one man show”? Yalleh m2addeiyina seker w 3arbadeh? Ayya sha3eb? Asdak el sha3eb el fa2eer el m3attar yalleh ma ma3o wa2et ya3mol shi aw ythoor 3al we2i3 el 2alim la2an 3am yeshteghil w ye7teri2 dino leil w nhar ta y2ammin 2ajar bayto?

    That was one hell of a rant. Thanks.

    This is a complex case of “hope is a good breakfast but a bad super.”

    Comment by Posh | May 4, 2012

  3. Tout à fait d’accord..

    Comment by tabbouch | March 28, 2013

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