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A long ,not so very long time ago


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The ramblings of a disillusioned Lebanese!

My son sound asleep hoping for the snow storm to hit before school starts on Monday. Me, with my drink at hand, flicking through TV channels. “Escarmouche“ between Amal, Moustakbal, Hizbollah; the army intervenes, with no details. Some TV stations claims that the rift started because of lady (a Haifa look alike most probably), then each station went by airing their usual senseless stream of vulgarity. For a few seconds, scenes of youngsters lying on stretchers waiting to be taken to hospital. No words were spoken, no official statement was made. Al hurra, LBC, New Tv, O TV, Future X2, NBN, Al Jazira, Al Arabia…etc had texts scrolling on the bottom of their screens announcing that clashes are taking place in various areas of Beirut; with no details.
Still no communiqué from army or ISF. Talk of Molotov cocktails, Hizbollah quarters, Amal and Future followers, sporadic gun shots…etc; and still no communiqué from the army or the ISF.
And yet Michel Suleiman, went to pay his condolences to the Hizb and shared his sorrow for the loss of that great “moukawem” that Imad was.
And still M14 leaders reassured the Lebanese people that Michel Suleiman will be elected before the “Kumma Arabia” which will take place in Syria next month.
And still Lebanese people listened.
I switched off the TV, refilled my glass, went to my son’s room and placed a kiss on his forehead, took my gun out of its locked closet; and placed next to me.
No, I no longer believe in the gung ho theory; but I do believe that my country is no longer safe. I am not calling for “vigilante” style self security; I am demanding the rule of law.
Faute de mieux, I will protect my son and myself!
And still they talk of independence, freedom, sovereignty…etc, when they can’t even protect themselves, let alone insure public safety.

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Nasrallah and Aoun. Anyone cares to comment?

Nasrallah: We must deal positively with all initiatives, but the problem is the lack of confidence. The utmost achievement of the understanding is that is has established trust between two vast components of the Lebanese society.

Nasrallah: Aoun is patriotic

Aoun: During the July war everytime I heard an explosion in Dahyeh I worried about the safety of Hassan

Aoun: His alliance with Hizbollah is “for better and for worst”.

Nasrallah: The July war would have happened irrespective of the understating between Hezbollah and the FPM and Hezbollah and Amal would have withdrawn from the government. The understanding did not endanger Lebanon but formed the basis of cooperation. It is also the pillar of the opposition.

Nasrallah: Any attack against the army is an attack against the resistance.

Nasrallah: The Lebanese army was capable of accomplishing many achievements because all Lebanese consider it as a national army and this is how it must remain.

Nasrallah: Some said that the army fulfilled its duty during the Mar Mikhael incidents. Is it normal that the army shoots at demonstrators?

Nasrallah: The pro-government party was provoking the army against the opposition.

Nasrallah: Even if the demonstration reflected the bad intentions of Hezbollah and Amal, would this justify the killing of 7 people?

Nasrallah: The incidents at Dahiyeh must be seen in a context different than the ones of previous demonstrations, hence the importance of a serious investigation in order to discover the real reason behind the incidents.

Nasrallah: So far the investigation into the Dahiyeh incident is serious.

Aoun: I have withdrawn from the presidential race and I cannot cause a shock to my supporters by dropping the call for the guaranteeing one-third.

Aoun: There is an attempt to prevent the opposition from influencing the decisions of the government.

Aoun: We have accepted Sleiman’s candidacy as a guarantee for consensus. Our support comes in accordance with the initiative I proposed.

Nasrallah: Our military preparation and readiness would delay the war.

Nasrallah: The Winograd report’s recommendation over the need for military preparations does not mean that we are heading toward war.

Nasrallah: The Lebanese support for the displaced persons during the July war would not have been the same without the understanding between Hezbollah and the FPM.

Nasrallah: They thought that the understanding between Hezbollah and the FPM was ruined on the ’Black Sunday’, but it was civil unrest that was eradicated.

Nasrallah: Our understanding formed the basis of the national round table of dialogue.

Aoun: The understanding between Hezbollah and the FPM has reinstated normal relations between people living on both sides of the demarcation lines.

Aoun: The biggest achievement of the understanding between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement was to spread the culture of understanding between Lebanese.

Aoun: We were among the first people who called for an international investigation committee into the assassination of ex-Premier Rafiq Hariri.

Nasrallah: MP Hariri wants me to condemn Syria without evidences, and this is unjust.

Nasrallah: Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad agreed that a Saudi-Lebanese military committee investigate into the assassination of ex-Premier Rafiq Hariri, but Saudis rejected the proposal.

Nasrallah: If the pro-government party submits one clue over the implication of Syria in these assassinations I am ready to tell the Syrians that they are seeking the destruction of Lebanon.

Nasrallah: I don’t have information regarding the assassinations in Lebanon for I don’t have a security service apparatus covering all Lebanon.

Nasrallah: Hezbollah has not built internal security networks in Lebanon since 1982 for it was focusing on the Israeli enemy.

Nasrallah: MP Walid Jumblatt used to call for the liberation of Jerusalem.

Nasrallah: After the assassination of Hariri, MP Saad Hariri said he was committed to his father’s words.

Nasrallah: Hariri told me that if a final settlement is achieved while he is prime minister he will demand Hezbollah to disarm. If we would not accept he would resign and leave the country for he does not accept to turn Lebanon into a second Algeria.

Nasrallah: Ex-Premier Rafiq Hariri told me before he was assassinated that he supported the Resistance until after a just peace is achieved.

Nasrallah: So far the state is not able to reply to the Israeli enemy.

Aoun: As long as we possess weapons, why give them up?

Aoun: It is impossible to set a date for Hezbollah to disarm as long as it is not participating in the government.

Aoun: Those who claim that since I have a pact with Hizballah I therefore have a pact with syria and Iran; have themselves made a pact with the USA therefore have made a pact with Israel.

Nasrallah: All Lebanese including Christians are benefiting from consensual democracy.

Nasrallah: An Islamic government cannot be imposed by force.

Nasrallah: We want a state where all religions and sects enjoy full participation.

Aoun: We don’t have any official capacity to solve the problem of the detainees in Syria.

Nasrallah: The government is responsible of the dossier of the detainees in Syria, for it had refused to establish a joint committee with the Syrians in this regard.

Aoun: I told MP Jumblatt that in spite of your victory on the political level you will be cornered with the Druze sect in the Mountain.

Nasrallah: I can say that the state, through the presence of the Lebanese army and the ISF is present at Dahiyeh just like other regions if not better.

Aoun: In his speech on March 8 2005, Nasrallah had chosen a difficult path.

Nasrallah: The slogan of 10425 Km square is not restricted to one party. I used this slogan to confirm the end of the civil war and the annexation of the Chebaa Farms.

Nasrallah: At the time of the Quadripartite alliance in 2005 the disagreement was over the Christian ally.

Nasrallah: MPs Saad Hariri and Walid Jumblatt had offered much more than Aoun over Hezbollah’s weapons.

Nasrallah: The other party would have used our nomination of Aoun against him.

Nasrallah: We informed the Maronite Patriarch and the Apostolic ambassador to Lebanon of our decision to nominate Aoun. Our decision was not made public according to Aoun’s desire.

Nasrallah: Our nomination of Aoun for presidency was in harmony with the aspirations of our supporters.

Nasrallah: Aoun is independent and is not affiliated with foreign embassies.

Nasrallah: We had named MP Michel Aoun for presidency before the July war in 2006.

Aoun & Nasrallah: There are no detainees in Syrian jails, there are missing Lebanese.

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