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Wlek fri2ouna bi ri7a taybeh !

Sick and tired of half backed local election speeches vulgarly delivered by erected dicks from all sides, pretending to have my country’s best interest at heart.
Like every father, I had dreams and hopes for my son. Such dreams included a happy childhood away from struggle and strife (civil unrest, let alone civil war), and a deep rooted sense of pride in the fact that he was Lebanese. I am fully aware that the “cocodi” has long been gone, the family trips to “Spinneys” by the airport road can no longer be undertaken, “Saint Simon” and “Accapulco” have now been replaced by “Tasli7 ashikmon”, that Christmas does no longer officially begin with the lights on Hamra street, and “Toyland” is no longer there. Many memories I would have liked to relive through Tarek (my son). Granted people evolve and things change, but a great part of local history has been wiped out and no one seems to care. None of those erected dicks (running for election) seem to give a damn about keeping this “life line” going. What we are left with today in this cursed country of mine are landmarks reflecting the hatred that has been brewing for years and suddenly exploded.
Today I took my son for a haircut and for a split second I was transported back in time, back to the days when my dad took me to the local barber shop (now we have “salon de coiffure”). It made me realize (although a normal evolution) that even the simplest of experiences I would have liked to share with Tarek is no longer possible; for the times have changed. If only they have changed for the best, I wouldn’t have minded. I came to realize that many of my childhood’s cherished memories I will never relive or share with him. He will never ride the bumper cars at the “Cocodi”, swim in the “Saint Simon”, go to Toyland or 2aisar 3amer, cinema Saroulla…. Etc.
At the “salon de coiffure” today I could smell talcum powder and Old Spice, but it was only in my head.
So to my dear leaders (all, with no exception) Wlek fri2ouna bi ri7ha taybeh, but be kind enough to pick any of the following, for it reminds me of days long gone but never forgotten.

Old Spice



Pino Silvestre


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In the name of Palestine

If some of you still wonder why I was not able to shed any tear while watching the news early this year; here is a glimpse of some of the reasons why. From the PLO, Fatah, Al Saika, ..etc, all the way to Hamas, even omitting what took place outside my comfort zone (Achille Lauro, Brussels, Athens…etc)

This is where it began

This is when “sisterly” relations became incestuous

And these are a few samples why I lost all tolerance and hope.

Yes I know from the start what many of you will say, and once again I do not give a flying fuck (not to be mistaken by a kassam or a katyusha rocket); but I have raised my son differently.
To those child murderers (who wont understand, or seek to understand) I leave you with the following (and may you rot in hell).

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Latino Cristiano Kheriato !

La parole est a mon fils :

“Moi, il y’a quelques jours, je me plaignais du sort de mon cousin mort a la fleur de l’âge. Derrière ca se cachait d’autres réalités beaucoup plus pénibles que la perte d’un être cher. Un enquiquineur, ou plutôt un diable masqué (Roy du cul), un prétendant qui postule le rôle du prêtre m’a démontré indirectement son autre face machiavélique a la quelle, au début j’ai cru. Guillermo sous ses airs angélique et serein a essayer de me convertir a sa secte diabolique. Entre Fifa 2008 sur PS3, son pouvoir d’hypnose, de conviction et de cette vidéos sur Youtube

Je me suis, pour un moment laisser entrainer. Ce cauchemar que j’ai vécu durant les jours passés, je partage avec vous, car si ce n’était pas pour le courage que j’ai eu d’en discuter avec mon père ; je serais peut être (si pas aujourd’hui) mais dans mon prochain future au Pérou faisant partie d’une secte qui se veut Chrétienne.
Le 5 Juillet j’ai perdu un cousin qui avait une joie de vivre plus intense que la mienne. Son frère par contre (que je connaissait beaucoup moins) n’a pas pu me délivrer le bonheur de le connaitre car il était non seulement distant mais accompagné et chaperonné par Guilermo, le faux Christ en qui il croit.”

Tarek Hage

N.B: The video that disturbed Tarek the most (Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory – Scene 7.2 – 9) has been taken out from youtube.

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