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A step by step remedy to a shitty day !

In the words of James Taylor: “When this old world starts a getting me down and people are just too much for me to face…”, I revert to Stoli and my silly self !

And to top it all of, before I go to sleep :


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Just for laughs !

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Only in LIBANONE bart 2






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Only in LIBANONE bart 1






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Merry Christmas

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Oh yeah baby !!!

No comments !

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Just for fun .

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Satan’s foot soldier (according to some).

Following is an excerpt from a religious program featuring Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid, which aired on TV on August 27, 2008:

Muhammad Al-Munajid: What is the position of Islamic law with regard to mice? The Shari’a refers to the mouse as “little corrupter,” and says it is permissible to kill it in all cases. It says that mice set fire to the house, and are steered by Satan. The mouse is one of Satan’s soldiers and is steered by him. If a mouse falls into a pot of food – if the food is solid, you should chuck out the mouse and the food touching it, and if it is liquid – you should chuck out the whole thing. Because the mouse is i-m-p-u-r-e!
According to Islamic law, the mouse is a repulsive, corrupting creature. How do you think children view mice today – after Tom and Jerry? Even creatures that are repulsive by nature, by logic, and according to Islamic law have become wonderful and are loved by children. Even mice. Mickey Mouse has become an awesome character, even though according to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed in all cases.

Could Peter Pan be next ??????

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