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In the name of Palestine

If some of you still wonder why I was not able to shed any tear while watching the news early this year; here is a glimpse of some of the reasons why. From the PLO, Fatah, Al Saika, ..etc, all the way to Hamas, even omitting what took place outside my comfort zone (Achille Lauro, Brussels, Athens…etc)

This is where it began

This is when “sisterly” relations became incestuous

And these are a few samples why I lost all tolerance and hope.

Yes I know from the start what many of you will say, and once again I do not give a flying fuck (not to be mistaken by a kassam or a katyusha rocket); but I have raised my son differently.
To those child murderers (who wont understand, or seek to understand) I leave you with the following (and may you rot in hell).


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Hey there Nasrallah (don’t go there again).

In view of the current situation and the local political speeches; I do not want to relate to the enclosed video again. Although the newer version might differ a bit (and I do hope that it will no see the day) I still shiver at the thought that some demented half witted fanatic might drag us (once again) into ye another “divine” battle.

Yes I am for right of EVERY child to live his childhood and formative years away from struggle and strife. The right to live in a secure environment, and be given a PROPER education. To have the basic necessities of food and shelter, without having to beg for them. No one has the right to raise an entire generation in the spirit of war and false dogma. NO one has the right to look upon an entire generation as foot soldiers. No one has the right to dispense with the blood of the young for political gains. No one has the right to put a rifle or even a stone in a hand of a child.


Instead of being protectors of our children, we have become the butchers; and in the name of what? Resistance, pride, honour, freedom, patriotism…etc. All foreign notions to the entire Arab “umma”.


Ya 3arab, your policies of hatred and division have put your very existence in peril throughout your cursed history. Fanaticism is spreading and tolerance is wearing thin and your children are paying the price. Reach deep within your souls for you might unite and might find ANOTHER more effective and PEACEFUL way to live free and away of hatred.


You can call me by any demeaning name you might see fit; from Zionist to Hitler I do not care. I believe in mankind and the INNOCENCE of children. But I do believe in the highest crime of all, that of indoctrinating young minds.

This above video is not only intended to the IDF, but to all those who raise their kids in HATRED be it in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan…etc. KHALAS !!! just let our children play in peace !


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Samir Kuntar . The return of the child killer!

Talk about freeing a murderer one year my senior has been hailed by some fellow Lebanese as yet another “Divine Victory”. Yes I am talking about the “hero” Samir Kuntar and his soon to be “shameless” release. Without a doubt our “Divine”/spiritual/ resistance/ leader will take credit for his safe return bombarding us with notions of how Samir was and still is the epitome of Hizbollah’s fight against the Zionist evil. On that ill fated day(and I do pray that it will never come) many of my fellow Lebanese (so called) will beat their chests in stupor in between speech poses delivered by the only patriotic leader (Hassouna that is).
To those FUCKS I would like to point out that Samir was never part of Hizbollah when he and 3 others (Abdel Majid Asslan, Mhanna Salim Al Muayed, Mohammad Al Abras) took it upon themselves to attack NAHARIYA in Israel in an operation they called “Nasser”. This operation was commissioned by the PLF (Palestinian Liberation Front) under the leadership of Abou Abbass (does Achille Lauro ring a bell to any one?).
After having killed a policeman who came across their way (that might be justified by some as part of a military operation) they split in two groups and the Hero to be, entered the apartment of the “Zionist” Dany Haran with intent to kill. The “soon to be hailed hero” took Dany and his daughter Einat (mother “Smadar”, other daughter “Yael” and a neighbor managed to hide) to the beach (and not for a picnic I can assure you). The “would be hero” shot Dany a close range and drowned him in the sea (to make sure he was dead, after all he is a thorough person) in front of his daughter (4 years of age, may I remind you), and then turned his rage (sorry Divine mission) against the child. He then started bashing her head with the butt of his riffle, and when need be using rocks to finish her off. This “so called hero” did not flinch.


The other tragedy is that while hiding, the mother (Smadar) in an attempt to muffle the sounds and moans of her 2 years old daughter (Yael) had suffocated her own child.
To cut a long story short, the only survivors of this “heroic adventures” (from the LEBANESE side) were Kuntar and his fellow “1/2 hero” Ahmad Al Abrass, who was later freed by Israel in the Ahmad Jibril prisoner exchange of May 1985.
Attempts were made by the PLF to free Kuntar when they hijacked the Achille Lauro where a wheel chair bound “Zionist” (Leon Klinghoffer) was murdered with no avail.
“The LEBANESE hero” Samir has admitted the murder of Dany and, yes wait for it, Einat; and was sentenced to spent the rest of his life in jail. Some “Zionists” even asked for the death penalty to be reinstated in this case.
Rumor has it that “Kuntar”, the Hezb newfound hero, will be released by the end of the month in exchange for the 2 (Goldwasser and Regev) DEAD soldiers that our Divine protector (Hasouna that is) took in 2006 causing the destruction of MY country.
How can any HUMAN rejoice and embrace the return of a cold blooded criminal and give him a hero’s welcome?
If ever Kuntar will be freed and delivered to the Lebanese (not the Hizb) authority, he should be tied for having killed an innocent child, and such a crime in Lebanon (the one I know) holds the death penalty.
To those who will rejoice for the return of such an evil incarnate, I say TFEH!!!!!!!!!!!!


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