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You are not welcome Mr Ahmadinejad !

Today we will witness a warm welcome to the devil incarnate (Ahmadinejad) and another black page will be added to Lebanon’s history.
To all of you who are still in the dark as to why many of us oppose such a visit, one reason could be the support it brings to our local devil, and why devil you might ask ?

Do you remember?


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Addressed not to one exclusively (maybe extensively), but to too many.

Even if I lately wish that the end was near and anxiously await the final curtain, I do hope for a sneak preview. Just a simple glimpse, so that I can rest in peace; and rest I am in lack of.
What if when I am drawing my last breath God gave me the luxury to be my own judge, it is a notion I have been toying with lately. This ludicrous idea did not come about out of schizophrenia nor did it emanate from a deep sense of guilt; on the contrary, this twisted state of mind stems from a complete feeling that I have tried my best to accommodate all those I HELD dear and so far never compromised. Endless efforts were made on my behalf trying to accommodate and accept, but rarely did I feel that I was met even half way. And still, regardless of this deep urge to throw everything out the window, regardless of consequences to those involved; I find myself waiting for some more.
Completely drained and disappointed. Even more, disillusioned and disgusted, to the extent that I just wish for all to let me lay down and rest. But you know damn well that this could not happen, for the final score has not been settled yet. So to some I say: let your “hired” spies feed you with the recurrent poison blinding your way. To others: let the lies you told so often become “the ultimate truth” for you have repeated them one time too many. And to some: “my giving well” has run dry, seek another.

If tonight in my sleep I draw my last breath, I know that my creator will meet me with his arms wide open. And if tomorrow I wake up and face yet another day, I solemnly promise to drastically change my ways.

Enough of this fake camaraderie and fake loyalties; no more efforts on my behalf.

Tonight I challenge the devil and reclaim back my life!

A bon entendeur, SALUT !

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My shinning

Turmoil wreaking havoc in my half rotten soul. A deluge of pictures on my TV screen rekindling sad chapters of my past. One sentence comes to mind (“all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”) with a vivid memory of the elevator door opening to a pool of blood.
And I wonder why!


I wonder why such choking pictures do not move me anymore. I can easily sit in my own comfort, watch gruesome pictures while giggling, when other spectators (watching the same movie) puked their guts out (and I am referring to the SHINING).
And I wonder why!


Is it because I have witnessed (and still am) such atrocities first hand, that I can dismiss the redness of blood on my TV screen and still have ketchup with my fries? Or is it a masked acknowledgment of the helplessness I feel?
15 years of war, over 150,000 dead, 480,000 refugees spread over 12 camps (harboring terror), a state within a (so called) state, failed attempts to take over, AND here I am watching. Watching and still shedding tears. When on my TV screen the ketchup turns into blood. The blood of children.
30 odd years ago (not to revert back even further) YOU drew first blood with disregard to the only (Arab) nation that stood by you and was FORCED to take on your “cause”. What did you do then? Attempt to take over is what you did. You bit the hand that was feeding you.
I am not running for elections on any level, nor do I have to appease business partners; but I have a duty towards myself and towards my child whose innocence is still untouched (for the time being).
The difference is that I would not raise my child within a culture that idolizes the cult of martyrdom, engraving within their mind that their sole duty is to die for the cause (and a false one); but to live and love.


All those who daily point their fingers in aggression pretending to have your best interest at heart (the likes of Mechaal and Hassouna), all those who refuses international mediation to end this useless bloodshed should pay with their own blood. Yes there is savagery in the war against Gazza, but there are also savage and criminal leaders who get their kicks from the massacres of their own people.
Enough with this culture of hatred (on all sides), we have “created” a new generation that has been impregnated with the seed of hatred and self destruction. What will the future hold for such nation?


And I still wonder why !
Why is it that I hold little if no sympathy towards what has become of the Palestinian cause, from oppressed, destitute, refugee, abused…etc to blind murderess rhetoric which holds no more sway. This feeling I started having in the mid seventies, and now it is growing stronger.
Yes once again you will see me as a typical son of Zion, devil incarnate, deprived of a human soul; but I do not give a toss. I am only saying out loud what many (including Palestinians) don’t even dare murmur amongst themselves.
The MAIN responsibility of this current slaughter lies with Hamas. Having said that Israel is no angel.
Maybe my sentiments are still tainted by personal experience with the PLO, Fatah, Saika, Jibhat al Tahrir…etc; they won’t make my words more acceptable to many; but once again I DO NOT GIVE A TOSS. I am sick and tired of all this violence, although now relatively far, but who is to say that Lebanon will not once again be dragged into yet another war that started with Palestinian hands.


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This is what I do not wish upon my son!


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Take wisdom from the elderly !

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Ruffled feathers or Technical glitch?

It seems like I have ruffled a few feathers which caused some of my comments to be deleted, or maybe it is just a technical glitch (since menus keep on appearing in German or Russian on my home PC and I still don’t know why).

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Sharing Christmas with my son

About 5 in the afternoon on the 1st Sunday in December dad would take you in his white Austin Wolseley to Hamra Street to see the Christmas lights. He would park his car and take you to The Express café for some hot chocolate and a piece of fôret noire while you sat there watching the cars and passers by looking at the decorated shop windows. Once your cake safely tucked away in your belly, hands and mouth cleaned so that all evidence of you eating desert before diner disappears; he will zip up your anorak and take you on your magical Christmas tour.

A trip to “Toyland” (our humble version of FAO Schwartz) is a must; dad will be most attentive trying to see what catches your eye the most so that you might find it under the tree. Walking along the side walk you will encounter a few Santas wringing their bell and distributing candy, and if you ask why is there more than one, dad will tell you that those are Santa’s helpers paving the way for Christmas eve.

Back home, diner on the table, you make an effort to eat so that you don’t let mum on your secret adventure. All is merry and joyful. Around the diner table there are no talk of a vacant presidency, car bombs, Syrians, Aoun, Hizbollah…etc; the only heated argument is that your dad might have brought you back a tad passed your curfew.

The following Sunday your aunt might take you again to Hamra street, but this time to a church where the choir sings to Jazz. Whilst she is praying you listen to the music and let the rhythm engulf your soul. Again another trip along the side walk filled with Santas and candy and a feeling of happiness and security.

The above is nothing but a small percentage of my Christmas memories. I will not share more with you, for I know that you will never have anything similar. Once you are old enough my son, and will read this text I would like to apologize in advance for the sadness you might feel. Hamra Street is no longer what it used to be, Lebanon is no longer.

I love you, and I am sorry.

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That cursed presidential seat.

Emile (the father that is) in all his tanned splendor went on TV (Algerian that is) and declared (between two idiotic smiles) that he was here to stay (forever and ever).
Oh lucky us!
I still wonder why our dear patriarch stopped the march onto Baabda; I sure hope that he now regrets this sad decision.

Why is it that the strongest symbol of Syrian hegemony is still allowed to bark loudly pushing us (Lebanese that is) further into the abyss?

Why is it that WE the people still wait for certain (mainly sold out) leaders to give the order to march onto Baabda ,formerly known as “Beit Al Sha3b” (home to the other army general turned mad) and demand the impeachment of such a despot?

Here is some food for thoughts (and humor me if you may) to all of you out there who belong to what is now known as the silent majority:

· Organize a specific day and e-mail our dear president a simple letter that says “Dear Mr. President kindly get off your seat”(feel free to add “go swimming wearing your Speedo”).
· Put bumper stickers on your cars that read “Swim off”.
· Place posters (preferably at night when no one is watching) in front of all governmental institutions (over and over again, because they will be removed) stating “Mr. President, you no longer represent us”.
· Make leaflets in the simplest and less costly way demanding Lahoud’s resignation and distribute them on every street corner.
· Write to all the media and demand that your voice be heard.
· Finally organize yourself and march onto Baabda, even erect tents if need be (ask our friends down town for technical advice and know how).

Suggestions are welcome!

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Syrian Hegemony part 2 the revenge!

In the past 48 hours (not the TV series), we have witnessed through different media channels the seizure of a relatively important (and that is me being stingy) stash of weapons belonging to (surprise, surprise!) “Al Hizb Al Kawmi Al Souri:.Mr. Kanso (in his accustomed arrogance and defiance) was very quick to jump and say that those weapons were legitimately buried (in the North of Lebanon) awaiting to be used against our arch enemy (for those of you who are still in the darkness; ISRAEL), all the way from the north (the proximity and the logistics with Syria has absolutely nothing to do with it of course).That was yesterday’s speech.Today our very dear Hezballah (the divine power for all Lebanese) not only agreed and reiterated such a statement, but also warned against using such “findings” by the government to suit “their own” political purposes.Well EXCUSE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1The weapons that were confiscated, by nature do not point towards plans to blow up Haifa, Tel Aviv, or any other Israeli town.If ever I should agree (and I don’t) with Mr. Kanso in his saying that this was an old arsenal of weapons that they did not surrender (although they should have, like MOST of the other militias) during the armistice; the nature of most of it can only be used for internal purposes (mainly discriminate attacks such as car bombs and weapons used for political killings).Yet Hassan (in his OWN divine wisdom) and his party speak out loud in their support of Mr. Kanso and his “Hezb” (to those of you who forgot Mr. Kanso’s Hezb is called: AL HIZB AL KAWMI AL SOURI”, not Al Hizb Al Kawmi Al LOUBNANI).Wake up you narguilleh smoking orange, yellow and green sheep demonstrating in downtown Beirut. Syria is trying to come back meaner and more cruel than it ever was. Their slogan is:”SYRIAN HEGEMONY PART 2, THE REVENGE”.

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The silent majority, and the balance of power

The silent majority, and the balance of power.

Tensions are running high in this politicized community of mine. Different colored flags flutter high above balconies, roof tops and cars; along side the red white and the cedar tree in between. Greek symbols sprung out of nowhere in an attempt to give a deeper sense of logic to those who never even heard of ancient Greece and its philosophers. Far from it, those people worshiped one God too many (according to all their beliefs)! And yet the “silent majority” sits idle behind their TV screens just waiting for the worst to happen. MY people talk amongst themselves, analyzing so called facts shoved down their thoughts via non objective Medias pushing forward their own political affiliations. Thinking about what will happen next, and how it will affect them. Little does this “silent majority” knows that they actually hold the key to make a change.
We have witnessed countless demonstrations in the past couple of years, where opposite sides took to the streets; each claiming the majority.
If we indulge in a simple mathematical calculation (and according to different media channels, mainly local) there have been more people who publicly voiced their opinion, than there are people in Lebanon. And still the “silent majority” does nothing. They exchange e-mails, jokes and voice their discontent amongst themselves, sometimes engage in heated arguments, and DO NOTHING.

This “silent majority” holds the future of Lebanon in its hands.
This “silent majority” should now, more than ever, take a stand.
This “silent majority” should speak out loud, and voice their opinion.
This “silent majority” who can not be bought, should organize itself.
This “silent majority” should invade both sides of the streets.
This “silent majority” should elect a President.
This “silent majority” should elect a prime minister.
This “silent majority” should elect a house of representatives.
This “silent majority” should amend the electoral law.
This “silent majority” should take all the reigns of power.

This “silent majority”, should no longer be silent.

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